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You are selfish...

This might be a phrase you heard a few times before... I certainly did, and growing up in a highly dysfunctional home meant that self care was deemed as selfish and was not something that was practiced in my childhood home...

But the irony is, that taking care of ourselves is one of our basic human needs. So when you eventually start your self care journey, it feels good and so it should. Mine started gradually as I can see it now, soon after I moved to England at the age of 19. But I fully dived into the self care world in 2013 when I started training as a beauty therapist...

Now, you might think I am talking about fancy spa days here when it comes to self care, but quiet the opposite actually. Self care is an individual thing (the clue is in the word self). So what I need for self care might be totally different from what you need for your own self care. It can vary from getting quality sleep, to setting boundaries and everything in between.

I would love to share my 12 GO TO steps to self care that might help you on your own emotional, physical and spiritual well being:

1, If it feels wrong, don't do it

2, Say exactly what you mean

3, Don't be a people pleaser

4, Trust your gut instincts

5, Never speak bad about yourself

6, Never give up on your dreams

7, Don't be afraid to say no

8, Don't be afraid to say yes

9, Be kind to yourself

10, Let go of what you can't control

11, Stay away from drama and negativity

12, Love

Maybe this prompt will help you kickstart your well being journey.

Just remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.


Nikolett x

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