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Intuitive Mindset Coaching

What if I told you that the
mountain is you?


What if I told you that everything that you have tried to overcome, outgrow, change or run away from is YOU?

The days when you are feeling stuck in a place you no longer want to be and still surrounding yourself with people and situations, you no longer feel aligned to. Then there is the sinking feeling of looking at yourself in the mirror and not recognising who you are anymore...

Maybe you never knew who you were, maybe it was always someone else's version of you that ran the show.

Feeling so disconnected from yourself that you start to hate your life, your job, and you become angry with the people who are in it.

Starting to feel like a failure in your business/job and in your life in general. And deep down you are wishing that one day you will wake up and feel "normal" again.

After all, no one seems to understand what you are feeling and it's pretty hard trying to explain what you want, when you are not sure of who you are and were you are heading...

This will play a huge part in your day-to-day activities and that old friend, procrastinator will pop it's head up every single time you want to get on with a project. Deadlines that are keep piling up, tasks that seems to be just a never ending to-do list and of course missing out on important events in your life, because by now you are exhausted with overwhelm.

Those titles that are just keep being added to your name, that somehow now identify you at work, at home, in social life and in your family, are just symbols of how people see you as.

So it is even easier to feel lost and disconnected.

You are not your name, your age, your job title or your family title... you were YOU before those titles were given to you!

How do I know? Because I have been there...

There is
a solution...

My 12 weeks Mindset to Freedom Coaching Program is designed to help you go from feeling lost, stuck and powerless to taking back the control of your own life. Create your own path and get to know the real you...

Just imagine...

A life without limitations... Imagine waking up every single day and feeling good about yourself and the decisions you are making in your life without feeling guilty.

Imagine living so authentically that everything feels easy and effortless. No more people pleasing, no more holding back on your dreams, no more saying YES, when you really want

to say no...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to break a few generational cycles too along the way? And create newer, healthier patterns for you and those in your life... 

Feeling free to finally make that dream life a reality! Why not YOU? And if not NOW, when?

How long are you willing to sacrifice your happiness?

Let's find the real you and discover that beautiful mountain that needs to be put on the roadmap of your dream life.

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Who it's for?

This is for YOU if you are:

Willing to show up and do the work

Absolutely fed up of feeling stuck and limited

You believe that you deserve more than just getting through the day

Have big dreams but unsure of how to get there

Maybe had a rough start in life and finally ready to move on from being the victim of that

Wanting to make more money in your business

Want to progress in your career

Want to have healthy boundaries in place with the people you love

Finally ready to find out who you are and why you are here (your calling)

Mindset to Freedom Coaching Program

What could your next 12 weeks look like?

We start your journey with a consultation call, included in the price, where you can tell me your ultimate goal or the desired outcome for the duration of the time working together.

Every 2 weeks we will have a 60 minutes call on Microsoft Teams where we discuss your main focus for the session.

During our session I will take notes and make some observations, keeping you focused on your outcome.

I might suggest some exercises to help you achieve that goal and I might bring some things from the past into your current reality to connect .

In between our session you will have access to me via WhatsApp Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm with a 24hrs response window.

Your sessions are held in a safe, none- judgemental space that is designed for you to get to source.

Nikolett the Intuitive Mindset Coach

I have trained with the amazing Illumina Coaching Institute and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey to obtain my Certification in Life Coaching & Emotional, Behavioural Psychology.

But it is the life experience and my trust in my intuition that gets my clients the results they want to achieve. I have a huge empathy for people and I can relate to a lot of things that holds people back from achieving their true potential.

I am passionate about helping people smash through that glass ceiling and create their new life with no limitations from others. When my father passed away 3 years ago, I have set out to start my emotional recovery and spiritual awakening journey.

Healing from an alcoholic parent is not easy but absolutely possible.

Sadly, I also lost my mum May last year and that is a whole new level of grief...

However, I am so grateful for them both. My journey started with them, it did not start with me. 

But now I have the power to end the generational trauma for my bloodline and to heal some of my ancestors pain too.

I don't think people are born evil or that people are broken at all...

I believe that hurt people will hurt people but the opposite is true...

Healed people, heal people.

Healing can look so different for each and every one of us, though. 

And healing does not happen in one go. Sometimes you heal something and a new layer appears.

But some people may not have such traumas in their lives, they might just have something I call blockages. I have helped many women unblock and heal over the past 5 years.

Sometimes healing means that you are just being heard, seen and validated.

Not by others, but by you.

These blocks and traumas might not be as obvious as you think. They might present themselves in your life as a saboteur that just when you are about to do something that could make a difference in your life, it pops up and messes things up for you. It might be that you suffer with severe anxiety, sleeping problems, in avoidance of conflicts or you might have unhealthy habits. 

I just want you to know, that no matter how bad things are or how long it's been bad, there is ALWAYS a way. So don't ever give up on your dreams, because you 100% deserve to have the life, the job, the business and relationships you have been dreaming of deep in your heart and soul.

You can say one day, or you can start with day one.

The choice is always yours...

Nikolett x 

My client's results...



Nikolett is a great coach. After my first session, I came away thinking more clearly about my goals for my business and my well-being in general. Once I had implemented this work, I started to see rapid changes in my mental attitude and felt overall more positive. 
After the second session, I worked on a business plan with Nikolett, which proved useful as she is a business woman herself. Since working together, I have more clarity on where I am heading towards with my business.Thank you, Nikolett!


Skin Consultant

Nikolett is an incredible coach. Her sessions have helped me feel myself again.
For so long, I felt stuck in my comfort zone, thinking that I would never be able to express myself during work-related events and networking. How did she help me? The way she formed her questions during our sessions really made me think deeper and helped me find the right solutions. Thank you, Nikolett


Skin Therapist

I met Nikolett as she was recommended to me by a friend of mine. Nikolett is a wonderful, strong woman with very positive vibes, but she is also an empathetic person. My biggest brake through our sessions was to understand the meaning of freedom. It has been the most enjoyable experience I have ever had. Thank you, Nikki


Q: Can I contact you any time?

A: In between sessions you can get hold of me via WhatsApp Monday- Friday 9am- 5pm with a 24 hrs response window. 

Q: How can you guarantee I will see the results?

A: I cannot guarantee that for you as our sessions are heavily built on you doing the work. I will show up and be 100% present in our sessions all the time. If you do the same and do the work in between, and use the accountability tool you will see the results immediately.


Q: What if I can't make our session? 

A: I require 48 hours notice, unless it is a sudden emergency. If the notice is given the session will be rescheduled. If no notice is given and you just don't show up, your session is cancelled without an option to reschedule. 

Q: What if you have to cancel?

A: Life can always throw some surprises our way, even if we are prepared. If I should need to cancel, I will give 48hrs notice unless it is a sudden emergency. You will always receive the full sessions that have been paid for and is in our agreement.

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