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Hello, I am Nikolett

Intuitive Mindset Coach and Advanced Holistic Skin Therapist. I help women look and feel amazing in their skin, body and mind, by understanding their own needs and wants in life. 

It's never really just about what is on the outside. 

Throughout my own journey I have learned so much and I was able to create the life I wanted to live, besides the struggles and limitations that

I had to face.

I realised that there is so much more to life than just worrying about our physical looks.

My self confidence wasn't magically fixed when I applied my makeup. Throughout my journey I learned that working on myself is where true self confidence lived. Now I want to help other women do the same...

- Nikolett Vegh

"If my story can be someone else's survival guide, then it was all worth it..."

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I am not everyone's cup of tea...

And that is okay! I am highly intuitive and I am not afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions. Why?

Because only when you are prepared to get uncomfortable with yourself is when you start to see the real results! 

Only when you can push through that horrible feeling of fear of judgement, or uncomfortable silence.

I realised very early on, that I am a different skin therapist and that I am a very different life coach from what people are used to... I am spiritual, intuitive and I have a direct approach. 

This is what got my skin clients great results  over the past 10 years. And it is the same reason why many people who seek out life coaching choose to work with me. 

"Flowers must grow through mud, in order to blossom"

- Nikolett Vegh

Which Shadow Archetype are you?

Take the quiz below to find out and see how I can help you...

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