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Why facials don't work...?

Imagine just going to the dental hygienist but not brushing your teeth in between visits.

It's exactly the same with facials.

When do you get a facial? Honestly? When your skin is either covered in spots, pigmentation or when you realised that you have lines and wrinkles?

Well the truth about facials, that they are used for maintenance and not for miracle treatments. If you have been ignoring those symptoms for month or even years, how on earth could you expect a 60 minutes treatment to fix it for you?

These are symptoms though... so let's dig deeper.

Breakouts are not caused by spots, they are just signs of an internal problem that you have on an ongoing basis. That could be hormonal, diet related or due to stress and IBS.

To treat the symptoms, you have to find the cause and treat it at the root. Otherwise you are just masking the symptoms.

Lines and wrinkles are a natural part of ageing, however, if you are looking in the mirror and you look dull, some areas are darker than others, the lines and wrinkles are very noticeable, well I think you are probably 15/20 years too late in applying your SPF, or quit smoking, reducing your sugar intake, or balancing out your health issues.

I think you get where I am going with this by now...

The symptoms are the obvious things that you don't like, but they are not the problem.

So having a facial when you have built up of blackheads work, but having a good skin care routine at home will maintain those clear pores.

A 60 minutes treatment is simply not enough to help with your ageing concern, pigmentation or breakouts.

If you however want a relaxing facial with a massage and high quality skin care that is good for your skin, then go for it! I am 100% recommending it.

As long as you manage your expectations. Facials are rescue me treatments that provide a temporary solution.

Skin Solution Treatments like mesotherapy, microneedling or chemical peels are your targeted treatments to turn back time, to reverse damage, to fade pigmentation. But they are not facials. They are programmes that are created for you personally.

You did not get here with your skin, because you didn't have a facial... You got here because of a number of reasons:

  1. Lack of skin care at home (Nivea cream and Vaseline just doesn't cut it)

  2. Lifestyle, diet and medications

  3. Not knowing how to take care of your skin

  4. Genetics

Some of these things are out of your control. But most of these will be down to you and your mindset.

A good skin therapist will help you work on the deeper stuff to get the desired results, but the work is yours. In clinic treatments are just a cherry on the icing.

Would you go to your dental hygienist but not brush your teeth in between?


Intuitive Mindset Coach - Skin Therapist - Reiki Practitioner

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