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Time to get your foof out!...

Smear tests can save lives

Are you due your smear test but

dreading it?

As a women, and a Beauty Therapist that does a lot of foof waxes, I can really understand it can feel embarrassing to get your lady garden out in front of a stranger...

You can feel embarrassed for so many reasons, got a hole on your socks, you haven't shaved or waxed your legs or just because it is an intimate part of your body.

But the truth is that the nurse carrying out your smear test doesn't care about your foof! Well they do.... they care about it's health!

Honestly you think too much into this...

Trust me talking from experience, the nurse doesn't even see your foof as a vagina. They look at it as a job that must be done in order to keep you healthy and in some cases to actually save lives.

It is over in a few minutes and even if you feel uncomfortable showing your private parts, it is vital for your health.

Cervical cancer is silent... Meaning that by the time you start to show any form of symptoms it's often spread to other parts of your body.

By attending to your regular smear test appointments you are giving them a chance to pick up on anything before it's too late.

So don't be shy and get that foof out! If you are worried about your lady garden looking more like a cactus, book in for your waxing appointment before your smear test...

If you are overdue the smear test, get it booked by your GP today...

Bring your appointment confirmation and get 20% OFF on your intimate wax as a little reward for taking care of your health. There, no more excuses now.


Nikki x

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