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Autumn is a season of letting go

As the tree leaves are changing their colour, and the brunches are ready to let go of the dead leaves, we know that this is essential.

In order to grow new leaves in the following spring, the old leaves must be removed first...

It is exactly the same process for skin cells too. Your skin cells go through a process of change from day one. You as a human being have too a natural autumnal season, just more frequently. This process keeps your skin looking and feeling youthful, fresh and healthy.

The natural process however slows down with age, and someone in their 40's can wait up to 40 days for the skin cell to born, mature and shed off. Now the skin cells look amazing when they are fresh and are full of life. However, environmental factors

will have a negative impact on just how they look and feel and will speed up the natural ageing of the skin.

Some examples and the impact they will have on your skin:

- Sun damage

Causes sun burn





- Lifestyle choices -smoking, alcohol, drugs

Causes inflammation

Oxidative stress

Kills the skin's natural protective layer

Ages the skin

Causes dry, grey looking skin

Kills collagen

- Poor diet

Causes imbalance in gut bacteria

Causes acne

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Causes inflammation

Causes redness

Causes sensitisation

Letting go of old and dead skin cells are essential for healthy skin. You can do this by having a great skin care routine at home that is designed for YOUR skin. Believe me, you can overdo it with the exfoliation...

Having a professional in clinic treatment is fabulous to boost those results. The most popular facial skin treatments that my clients love are My Signature Blackhead Clearing Facial and the Anti-ageing Advanced Skin Treatment.

Maybe they just love the results they can get for their skin, alongside their homecare,


It could be the heated blanket under a cosy cover, with a complimentary nap and relaxation...

Whatever the reason, treat yourself this season.

The best part is that you don't have to do any researching, I can help you figure out what homecare your skin needs and what in clinic treatment if any you need to achieve the results you want.

Where to start?

Book a standalone consultation or start with a skin treatment. The choice is yours, but then I will tell you exactly what your skin needs.


The Skin Therapist

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