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A celebrity is NOT a skin pro!

Let's get some things straight....

This is my view on celebrity influenced skin care, skin advice, treatments....the lot!

They will not be using the No7 serum or the at home dermaplaning device to look that good trust me! Here is why...

They are being paid to advertise a cosmetic that is often too cheap to actually make a difference to your skin.

They earn so much money with their real job that they will have a Skin Therapist they go to or one that comes to them to their home treatment room.

If a cosmetic that they advertise would actually work, I would have it in my Skin Clinic... (Just like if a Treseme shampoo was really the hair professionals No1'd see it in salons)

It's time to cut the noise are being sold a cosmetic that is designed to hide stuff. Sold by a person, who doesn't even use it, let alone believe in it.

Imagine rocking up to Gwyneth Paltrow's mansion and seeing the No7 serums in her bathroom cabinet... find it hard to believe personally.

The truth is that you see a well-known and LOVED celebrity (you TRUST them) you feel like you KNOW them... You start to think Gwyneth wouldn't lie to me! She looks sooo good, I want some of that!

So Gwyneth is Gwyneth...she knows herself, she doesn't know you. You are you and your skin is unique it needs it's own stuff to heal...certainly not gonna find that in Gwyneth's bathroom.

But she said it will make me look 10 years younger and will do this and that.... She is telling you what's in a script.

Only someone with knowledge of anatomy of your skin, an extensive experience in skin care will be able to help YOU. Not trying to help the World...just helping YOU with YOUR skin.

There I said it.... so are you being sold to or are you getting the help YOUR skin needs?

Nikolett Vegh,

The Skin Therapist

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